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Do you want to learn from me or do you need to perfect your technique?

Massimo Mileto, all'opera durante un tattoo. Sta eseguendo farfalle colorate su una schiena


Individual Courses:

- Tattoo ABC

- Advanced insights:

  • Lines: slim, compact e traditional

  • Filling and shades

  • Organizing Big Tattoos

Update e consulting for professionals

… Soon also ON LINE courses

Permanent Make Up

Individual courses:

- Basic Permanent Makeup

- Insights:

  • eyeliner

  • eyebrows

  • lip

  • tricopigmentation

  • mammary areola

- Updating and Consulting for professionals.

… Soon also ON LINE

Massimo Mileto durante un lavoro di ricostruzione del sopracciglio, tecnica pelo pelo
Ritratto di Massimo Mileto

Do you want to learn?

Ask me for advice, I will be happy to collaborate with you!

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